OklaHome started with a country farm boy and a big city aspiring girl who had a dream and knew it was special. Some say Craig and Jennifer Hodgens are kind of like Green Acres. Together their juxtaposition of personalities married a unique style of their own. Come to find out other people liked it too. Once they started building homes after the devastation of the 2013 tornado in Moore, OK they seem to have hit a niche with a unique style that is uniquely them.

In life and business, their personalities are the true juxtaposition of modern and farmhouse. Craig’s rural country upbringing gives him an eye for the traditional elements that a true farmhouse make. Jennifer’s love of sleek finishes and high-end design blend seamlessly with the farmhouse aesthetic to create something truly unique. Further, the work ethic Craig learned from working on the farm and Jen’s eye for details guarantee our clients are getting a well-built, high quality home. The OklaHome lifestyle centers on the belief that if you put God first and family second everything else will fall into place. For their entire lives they both have dreamed of having a family business that helps other enjoy the simple things in life: moments together, laughter and character building. This is truly their dream come true.