Craig Hodgens, President of New Home Development

Raised on a cattle & wheat farm in Stroud, OK , Craig grew up knowing the value of a hard day’s work and the credibility of an eye-to-eye handshake. While studying mechanical engineering at Oklahoma State University, Craig opened a car repair shop and then moved on to sell cars for Bob Howard auto group. He was quickly promoted to sales manager and then to finance director, and then later became a dealership financial consultant for EFG of Irving, TX. After deciding that the grueling hours of the car business would never allow him the family or life he wanted long term, he founded his own company, Home Rescuers helping families facing foreclosure to stay in their homes. Beginning with that business he has over 13 years of experience in construction and remodels renovating and flipping homes. With Craig’s knowledge of the finance world and quality construction, he evaluates the numbers of real estate from an experienced analytical eye. He’s the best advocate for your repairing, negotiating and investing analysis in real estate. Craig’s mentor (and best friend) is his Grandpa, “Papa Cooper”, who helped raise him on the farm and taught him the value of work ethic and the love of John Deere tractors (which symbol adorns pretty much every T-shirt in his entire wardrobe).

Jennifer Hodgens, Team Lead Relator – RE/MAX at Home

A wife, a mom, a best friend, a Christian, an entrepreneur, a Realtor, a Sales Manager, a workaholic, a fuddy duddy, and a nerd – but proud to be one! She and Craig married in a model home (yes, at work) in 2008 and are in love with their ornery daughter, Autumn Kate (aka “Cranberry”). Originally from Ponca City, Jennifer graduated from Oklahoma University with a Bachelors in Marketing. She spent several years living in San Francisco and The Berkshires in Massachusetts as a wedding consultant after college. Her experiences as a wedding planner (think emergency taffeta situations and runaway brides) helped prepare her for life as a Realtor – especially when helping families navigate through the custom building process and celebrating life’s big milestone events. Jennifer loves building relationships with her clients and finding ways to exceed their needs. Jennifer loves snow storms (she secretly wants to be a Meteorologist when she grows up) self help books and chocolate brownies.

Harold E. Fulton, Design Manager

Harold is a self-proclaimed homebody who works to make the sofa everyone’s favorite landing spot.  He’s a graduate of the University of Oklahoma’s College of Architecture with a Bachelor’s of Interior Design.  Creating spaces where the moments of your life will forever be remembered is an honor.  With more than a decade of design experience, growing an idea into a home is privilege to share with all the families that walk through our doors.  Our custom homes aren’t just the place where you sleep but are where you write the history of your family.

David Michael, Construction Manager

David was born in Danang, Vietnam, the proud son of a U.S. Marine, and grew up in Southern Maryland. He met Erin, his wife of 22 years, in Fort Worth, Texas, and they made their way to Oklahoma to be closer to her family.  They have three amazing kids. His oldest, Elli, is a nursing student at Arizona State University.  Jillian, the middle child (and she won’t let them forget it) is studying animation and storyboarding at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, and finally, the boy, Will Michael, is a 2020 graduate of Deer Creek and spends every waking moment playing lacrosse, football……..or xbox. Dave brings leadership and organizational skills as well as expertise in the custom building process to the OklaHome team!

Kaylee Wiles, Lead Buyer’s Agent

You’ll never have a bad time when Kaylee’s around!  Kaylee started out as our team’s “Chaos Coordinator” doing the behind-the-scenes paperwork-shuffle keeping all of our contracts in order, promoted up to Buyer’s Agent and now leads our full Realtor team.  Graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a minor in real estate and coming from parents who have been in the business, she already has real estate in her blood.  Also having an extensive background as an event planner at The Greens and Kickingbird Golf Clubs  (where she met her husband who is a real-life golf pro) only makes her an even better Realtor because she understands that investing in a new home isn’t just about the house – it’s a huge life event – and one to be celebrated.  Kaylee has lived in Oklahoma her entire life and has truly never met a stranger.  If you’re worried about the unknowns in the home-buying process, don’t be!  With Kaylee by your side you’ll have the perfect guide each step of the way.

Sarah Guthrie, Selections Coordinator

Julie Mathis, Office Manager