What Dream Homes are Made of

Written on Oct 26, 2016

As if we weren’t already constantly dreaming about beautiful new homes, last week we attended the Street of Dreams home tour. The single-street home tour features seven incredible homes built by some of Oklahoma’s most elite homebuilders. Each house is also staged by local interior designers.

Though each home features different architectural and design styles, we couldn’t help noticing the modern farmhouse details throughout the tour.

Reclaimed Finishes

Nothing screams “farmhouse” more than gorgeous old wood. Everywhere we turned wood paneling adorned feature walls and ceilings. One home even had a staircase in which every step was an old wooden plank.

Home Builder: Willco Homes

Home Builder: Willco Homes

Almost every home was staged with a custom wooden farmhouse table. Feeding troughs acted as bases for gorgeous centerpieces and old windmills were a highlight of many feature walls.

A Focus on Nature

Creating outdoor living spaces is a true farmhouse tradition. Each home on the Street of Dreams tour fully utilized their outdoor space by creating private oases smack dab in the middle of the big ‘ol city.


Home Builder: Silver Stone Homes

Large, covered back porches, fire pits and water features all tempted us to pour glasses of lemonade and stay awhile. We would have if they didn’t close the tour at 7:00 p.m.

A favorite of the outdoor spaces included large raised garden beds. We could practically hear our knees thanking us at the prospect of gardening while standing.

Another favorite was the man-made waterfall and stream running through the backyard of one home. The stream ran down into a drainage area that was not only beautiful, but functional for our rainy Oklahoma springs.

Multipurpose Design

Who doesn’t love multipurpose design? The fact of the matter is that most people don’t have the luxury of endless square footage, so multifunctional design is a MUST!

One feature that literally dropped our jaws was the small door leading from the back of a pantry out to the garage for easy unloading of groceries. IS THIS REAL LIFE?! Life does not get easier than that, folks.

Home Builder: Authentic Custom Homes

Home Builder: Authentic Custom Homes

One home featured a large granite kitchen island that also utilized a large wooden, roll-away section. The possibilities here are endless.

Home Builder: Allenton Custom Homes

Home Builder: Allenton Custom Homes

Finally, the children’s study area in the upstairs of one home featured two chalkboard walls. The black paint is an excellent design feature that functions well for learning and play time.


Home Builder: Authentic Custom Homes

Family Centered

The people inside a house are what make it a home so we were thrilled to see a huge focus on family life. Home theaters, rock climbing walls and even a bowling alley basically rendered obsolete the need to host a kid’s birthday party anywhere else.

The same care was used to stage the children’s rooms as every other room in the house. The only elements that would have made it more realistic are piles of clothes and slews of toys everywhere. Stray Legos to step on? Even better.

Check out these incredible bunk beds with a slide. And did you see the bear on the slide? We about ran out of the room when we first noticed it.

Home Builder: Willco Homes

Home Builder: Willco Homes

The master bathroom of one home featured an attached yoga studio and a two-story closet. A TWO-STORY CLOSET, Y’ALL. Everyone knows that if momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy, and any momma with a two-story closet is always happy. I think that’s how it goes.

Home Builder: Authentic Custom Homes; Clothing and Accessories provided by LUSH Boutique

Home Builder: Authentic Custom Homes; Clothing and Accessories provided by LUSH Boutique

The Street of Dreams runs through October 30th so if you haven’t been yet, go. It’s $25/person, but part of the proceeds go to Edmond schools so the cost is totally worth it.

Here at OklaHome we are already thinking of how we are going to utilize these features in our own modern farmhouse homes. Which features would you love to have in your home?




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