Written on Nov 4, 2013

Day 3 of Thankfulness: One of the greatest reasons I love living in Oklahoma is our deep-set seasons.  All four of them.  Seasons are one of God’s greatest gifts and provide such a rich metaphor for life.  I get totally giddy every couple of months at the change of a new season.  Each one brings […]

30 Days of Thankfulness

Written on Nov 4, 2013

November is 30 Days of Thankfulness month. I’m a day behind so I get to be thankful for two things today. #1: My family and my childhood. I was raised with Christian Oklahoma Farmer values. My husband was too. Time spent with both of our families is enjoyable and a lot of people can’t say […]

Books I’m Reading

Written on Oct 17, 2013

August 12, 2013 I’ve been a manic at downloading iTunes audiobooks and listening to them while driving in the car lately.  Some have certainly been duds but many have been really inspiring so I thought I’d share. 168 Hours – You Have More Time than you Think by Laura Vanderkam – This book is read […]

Auto University

Written on Oct 11, 2013

Auto University August 11, 2013 I’ve never been much of a reader.  Mainly because reading always makes me sleepy.  Also because I have a 2 year old, a work-aholic husband (guilty myself) and a super busy schedule – none of which love to see me sit quietly and peacefully alone for more than a few […]

I Hate You, Mornings.

Written on Sep 5, 2013

In an effort of self improvement, I forced myself to listen to a new book called “What the Most Successful People do in the Mornings” by Laura Vanderkam.  My first confession of many will be that I downloaded it almost a year ago from iTunes and mentally rolled my eyes everytime I searched for a […]